Russian as a foreign language

Russian as a foreign language                                                                                    RU

“Now it’s clear!”

Our programme of Russian as a foreign language “Now it’s clear!” is designed not only for the Italians living in Moscow, but for all foreigners who would like to start — or continue — to study Russian in the capital.

The Russian language programme consists of scheduled classes, initial and final testing, and a variety of extracurricular activities.

Once enrolled in the Russian language programme students are tested (free of charge) on vocabulary and grammar, and have a short conversation with a teacher . According to the results, students are placed in small groups (3-6). In the absence of the required minimum of students (3 people) to create a specific level group, the students might be offered two-to-one or one-to-one lessons (the fees then to be discussed separately).

Depending on the level of language proficiency, we offer classes at elementary level (A1, A2), basic level (B1) and advanced level (B2-C1).

At elementary level the group lessons are mostly aimed at overcoming the initial language and culture shock from staying in a foreign country. Students learn basic communicative models to use in typical everyday situations: in the city, transport, shop, hotel, etc. This level is a thorough introduction to  the system of the Russian language and its functioning. Having mastered the lexico-grammatical minimum, foreign students will be able to express their desires and requests, ask simple questions and to answer them, greet people and introduce themselves, express their attitude to facts or events, etc… Lessons will include practice of all the four language skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) with special focus on conversational skills.

At the level B1 students will significantly deepen their knowledge about the grammar of the Russian language and its structure. The number of topics discussed in class will be considerably expanded and based on an increasing amount of text and multimedia materials. Significant lesson time is dedicated to speaking practice.

Students who have already achieved the advanced level (B2 and higher) normally are very competent in various areas of communication. Therefore, the topics of the sessions with those students will be developed  depending on their specific requests or desires, and lexico-grammatical material will be determined in accordance with the state standard and the lexical minimum of the requested  level.

The group classes do not prepare students purposefully for the state TORFL exams, but the Centre of Dante provides an opportunity to prepare for the test of any required level to those who need it, following a special program.

The Test of Russian as a Foreign Language (TORFL) is a standardised test supervised by the state with levels  from A1 to C2. Students can pass the test and receive their certificates at the approved testing centers (information available at the Center). More about requirements for the test of a certain level, and the testing procedure, you can find here

In addition to the lessons at the center, we will continue to practise conversational skills and to deepen  the knowledge of Russian culture and geography outside the classroom. There are plenty of interesting places in Moscow and its surroundings that the teacher will have a great pleasure to show you. The Center can also organise city tours or visits to the museums of Moscow with a licensed guide in Russian and English languages (the fees for these excursions vary and are paid separately).

The centre also organises Russian cuisine masterclasses. During the cooking classes, not only will you learn about the traditions of Russian cuisine and how to cook some Russian dishes, but also you will have to communicate only in Russian: our chef does not speak other languages!